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Why work here? At Life Safety Services, your safety and work-life balance are the most important for us. Annual health & safety training will be provided to all technicians in order to keep our workers’ health & safety knowledge up to date. You are not a number, nor a machine here, you are a technical professional we respect, and we expect such professional to deliver the great service to our valuable customers. Your great quality service will be recognised and rewarded accordingly.

At Life Safety Services, you would be involved in all sorts of fire protection works, which for sure enhances and broadens your current skillsets for your future benefit. You will also be financially supported for all relevant studies (terms and conditions apply), which is to upgrade your skillsets in theory as well as to gain relevant qualifications in fire protection sector.

The senior management team aims to continuously improve the staff investment plan, which is to upgrade our workers’ work vehicles, uniforms, tools and others in due course.

Fire protection is our only intention, such intention involves and needs the support of all our workers’ great work and commitment. We believe in team work, we’re sure you do too.

Current Available Positions:

  • Fire Alarm Technician
  • Fire Sprinkler Technician
  • Fire Maintenance Technician

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