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Our current locations: Auckland and Wellington. We have a team of 35 highly, qualified professionals to assist you through the entire process.

We believe in the mantra ‘Quality on Time’ – we have a proven track record of delivering services and efficiencies on time and exceeding customer expectations.


We believe our design and installation service is the best in the country and it looks like our customers agree with sprinkler systems and alarms designed and installed on time, to specification.

Life Safety Services design and installation service are available in Auckland and Wellington. You can leave the design and/or installation of the fire protection system to us and we will take care of it. We believe our design and installation services are comparative to the best in New Zealand.

We have access to manufacturing facilities ensuring we can provide the end product with design, supply and installation of fire engineering solutions, tailored to meet the needs of your building requirements.


Alterations, fit-outs and renovations of existing buildings almost always require changes to the existing fire protection systems.
Undergoing a refurbishment or upgrade to your building? No problem, we will provide the fire engineering solution to suit your requirements whilst remaining compliant.

Alterations, fit-outs and renovations of existing buildings usually require changes to the existing fire protection systems layout.

Careful pre-planning and consultation of proposed layouts can save you considerable time, trouble and money by designing or installing the modified fire protection system in tandem with other tradespeople.


Maintain your safety – maintain your fire protection systems.

Fully functional fire protection systems are essential and lifesaving. In many cases, the affected premises had ‘fire protection’ but unfortunately compromised or non-maintained systems are ineffective and potentially dangerous.

We are committed and passionate whilst staying focused on delivering the maintenance solution, through regular communication, joint ownership and undertaking necessary upgrades and repairs achieving compliance.


Our design capabilities acknowledge the requirements of adhering to industry standards without compromising the common goal. We can carry out a detailed analysis of your fire protection needs and objectives, offering the best possible solution whilst ensuring compliance with the relevant regulations, standards and codes.

To meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code, your building needs an annual warrant of fitness which includes a thorough inspection, routine planned maintenance and reporting procedures. Building Warrant of Fitness Management with Life Safety Services is interactive, ensuring this process is time-bound and seamless. Life Safety Services is specialised in the management of New Zealand Building Code, compliance and the design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems.

We create personalised programmes to ensure that a smooth administration process is achieved. We can provide you a service solution that can be tailored to suit your individual building requirements and includes all testing, inspections and reporting.

Our specialist trained staff undertake all necessary inspections, tests and provide certification with minimal disruption to your operations. If anything does require your attention, we formally notify you, providing a comprehensive quotation to rectify non-conformance.

Response/Daily Service

Alarms mean nothing without prompt and appropriate response.

We provide ongoing daily services; whereby our technicians can be redirected to take necessary action to provide customer confidence that your fire systems are fully functional. At times, it is necessary to have your systems isolated such as refurbishment work, trial evacuations to be undertaken and coordinated. Our team can easily be mobilised to provide that reactive service.

Using the best communication technology available to our organisation, we provide that on call 24/7 back up service.

Our dedicated team are on standby to respond to your fire systems defect and fire activation requirements. On-Call 24/7 prompt response. Expert response to fire alarm activation. Alarms mean nothing without prompt and appropriate response.

The New Zealand Fire Service will respond to your fire activation and work to investigate and extinguish any fires. But that’s not all you require.

It may be that the fire system activated, because of a reason other than a fire, in which case initially a response is required, investigation is required by a technician to ascertain the root cause. Upon evaluation and addressing any issues, the system is reinstated. In the event of an actual fire, undamaged parts of the building may still require fire systems to be reset. This is especially crucial as fire systems are often integrated and can affect other security systems.

Make sure that the organisation who maintains your fire protection systems are available to respond to alarm activations.


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New Zealand owned – we are a full-service fire protection company providing fire engineered solutions for commercial and industrial sectors, covering all disciplines of Fire Detection, Prevention and Extinguishment. We bring years of combined experience in safeguarding people and buildings from fire.

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